Our Projects

We have the honor and blessing of being Partnered locally with      Katy Vineyard Church led by Pastor Geoff Bynum. It has been a real blessing for the past two years to attend this church and grow in my faith and walk with God. 

Our Sports Ministry in Niger reaches Youth ages 11- 35 

•I will be traveling to Niger in October for two weeks in which I will be setting up my Sports Youth ministry,

meeting with its staff, and holding our first Evangelization Event.


Our Evangelization Event will have the following format:

•We will play a game of Soccer

•Followed by showing the Jesus Film

•Give out Christian Pamphlets

•Provide opportunity for Muslims to ask questions about Christianity which our staff members will answer.

•This event will be repeated every 3 months by going into the bush of Maradi by our local staff where Muslims are more concentrated.

•With a special Shalom (Peace) Tournament every December of the year in the city of Maradi.

Some of the Items Needed to oversee this ministry as as follows:

Computer so that reports can be processed and sent back to the US stating how the ministry is going

Projector, Projector Screen, Speakers to be used to share the Jesus film

Prayer Warriors to pray God opens a way where there seems to be no way as Only He can do

Financial Supporters to help keep the ministry going throughout the year. More to be shared when I return from my visit as to the necessary funding for the project.

If you would like to donate the money for any of these items which will then be purchased in Niger or if you would like to provide financial support you can do so at the following Link please use the electronic payment feature MAKE SURE to designate Niger Sports Youth Ministry. 


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